Everything You Need to Pack for a Cruise

The adventure is almost ready to begin. You spent weeks researching the best cruise options for your budget. Finally, you have picked a cruise ship package. Now, you just need to pack for it, but what should you pack for this extended vacation? Use this list to focus your cruise trip packing.


Make sure that you know your cruise’s dress code policy. Bring dressy attire for cruise dinners, and other possible formal activity. Dress according to the weather. For hotter climates, bring shorts, bathing suits, wraps, and sandals. For cooler weather, bring sweaters, long pants, and jackets.

Also bring an umbrella or raincoat for unexpected weather emergencies. Always pack an extra pair of pants and sneakers.

Toiletries and Accessories

Buy travel size versions of your essential toiletries, such as toothbrushes, lotions, toothpaste, and makeup removal wipes. Purchase disposable razors instead of bringing an electric one. Also add detergent to your list if you plan to do laundry on the ship.

A cruise’s laundry service often gets pricey, but it allows you to bring less clothing and have extra space.

Make sure to bring a wall charger, portable charger, and mosquito repellant. If you’re prone to seasickness, bring a seasickness wrist band. Also have extra batteries, walkie-talkies, and extra camera memory cards around in case you encounter any tech issues.

Extra Storage Room

There is a high probability that you will buy souvenirs, so you want to make sure that you have enough space for them. Bring an extra foldable suitcase for souvenirs, or a large totebag.

Add hangers to your list of supplies to bring, because they free additional space in your closet for your other cruise supplies.

Important Documents

Do not forget to bring a passport or birth certificate. Some cruises honor a birth certificate if a passport is not available. Also bring state I.Ds, emergency contact information, and any cruise insurance policies.


Bring books, magazines, games, and puzzles for your family to enjoy during downtime or beach days. Also buy your own snorkeling equipment to save on rentals. Carry extra cash for spur of the moment adventures.

Buy a waterproof camera to take pictures everywhere you go. Bring binoculars to watch wildlife from a distance, or to get a closer view of beautiful scenery.

When allowed: bring snacks and beverages.

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